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13.31 ct. Cushion Cut Tourmaline

Auction Ended: 04/23/2015
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13.31 CT Cushion Cut Tourmaline

Loose Gemstone Attributes

Type: Tourmaline
Shape: Cushion
Carat Weight: 13.31
Color: Green
Color Shade: Other
Clarity: I1
Polish: Fair
Symmetry: Good
Fluorescence Intensity: NA
Diamond Treated: Not determinable
Chips: None
Inclusion location: Other
Inclusion Grade: Eye visible
Inclusion Type: Other
Inclusion Description: The inclusions in the stones are: many eye visible rutile needles, feathers, and liquid veils.
Culet Size: None
Culet Condition: Pointed
Certificate: None
Laser inscription: None
Blemishes location: Crown
Blemishes Type: Scratches
Blemishes Description: There are several light scratches in the crown.

Additional Information

Copper bearing elbaite tourmaline with low color saturation of blueish green. While containing copper, this stone does not display the vivid blue that is commonly associated with Paraiba tourmaline. Judging by the inclusions and color saturation/tone this stone is most likely from Mozambique.
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