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Last updated: December 02, 2021
Jewelry Buyers
Worthy is the best place to sell your jewelry. And part of what makes us special is our fantastic network of jewelry buyers. These knowledgeable and dedicated professionals are willing to pay top dollar for your quality jewelry and will compete with each other to do so using our auction platform.

Why Worthy Jewelry Buyers Are The Best

Worthy’s jewelry buyer network consists of only the most professional and trusted jewelry buyers. With our auction platform, we’ll find the perfect buyer for your valuables. Because they have so much knowledge of the industry and its merchandise, these buyers will pay the best prices they can to acquire their used jewelry.

We are able to attract the best jewelry buyers because we have spent years making the most trustworthy, transparent, easy to use platform for buying used jewelry. Not only do they value how we treat them, but they appreciate the superb level of service and assistance we provide to our sellers in their gold or diamond-selling journey.

Our jewelry buyers also know that we handle your pieces and diamonds with the utmost care and provide plentiful assistance and security along the way. To put it simply, we’re the best place online for jewelry buyers to find the merchandise they want and for sellers to get the highest offer possible. And if you haven’t looked at our reviews yet, we think you’ll like what you see around the internet.

How do I approach jewelry buyers

One great aspect of Worthy is that we take care of bringing the best jewelry buyers straight to you through our proprietary jewelry auction platform. Worthy works with a pre-selected team of partner appraisers who know precisely how to sell and accurately appraise your jewelry for you, so you don’t have to worry about selling for anything less than the highest market value.

Selling with Worthy also turns what can be a lengthy and stressful affair into a quick, simple process to sell jewelry fast and get you the most money. All you have to do is request an evaluation by submitting a short description of your jewelry via the Worthy site or over the phone. You’ll then receive a market value estimate shortly after and in no time the top jewelry buyers will be bidding away for your jewelry or used diamonds.

What Kind of Jewelry Do Buyers Want?

The majority of serious jewelry buyers are looking to buy engagement rings, diamond earrings, pendants and bracelets made of 18 karat gold or more. The jewelry can even be scratched, have links missing or even a latch. So don’t be discouraged if you have broken jewelry tucked away in your closet. You can still sell it and make good money.

Because our network of jewelry buyers are so well trained and experienced, it is easy for them to spot high quality jewelry even when it is old, dirty or somewhat damaged. And when they find the pieces they want, they are more than willing to part with their money to get their prized valuables.

But at Worthy, we also have buyers willing to purchase antique engagement rings, many designer jewelry brands, and even used watches. So if you have a piece of fine jewelry you might want to sell, do not hesitate to contact Worthy and ask us if your piece is right for our jewelry buyers.

How do your jewelry buyers hear about my valuables?

Here’s how it works: First, you'll ship your items directly to our headquarters. All of the shipping and insurance costs are covered by Worthy.

Upon receiving your jewelry, it will be treated to a deep cleaning, after which it will receive an expert evaluation at no cost to you. Our expert appraisal partners take great care to evaluate each item meticulously, using the best equipment and laboratory facilities available.

Next, we publish a very detailed description and beautiful, professional photographs of your item on our online jewelry buyers’ platform. Interested buyers will begin to bid on your item. And we won't rest until the highest market value offer comes in. If the sale meets or exceeds your price threshold, you’ll receive your cash almost immediately. And if the offer falls short, you can decide whether to take it or get your jewelry back fast.

Jewelry Buyer Glossary

Usually, the jewelry buying and selling process can be confusing enough without loading the conversation with tons of technical jargon. Since we strive to make everything as simple for you and the most enjoyable experience possible, here’s a glossary of jewelry terms to help you on your way:

Alloy: a combination of metals. Usually, refined gold is an alloy that contains a small portion of a different kind of metal. 
Bezel: a metal rim that surrounds and holds a gem.
Brilliance: The amount of light reflecting by a gem.
Cabochon: A gem that is round with high polish and without facets.
Carat: The measure in weight of a gemstone. 200 milligrams equals 1 carat.
Certification: A document that describes the traits, flaws and details of a precious stone. Diamonds get Diamond Grading Reports and other precious stones have Gemological Identification Reports.
Luster: A bright shine that exudes from the surface of metal or gems.
Parure: a jewelry collection that contains 3 or more pieces that are designed to be worn at the same time. Throughout history, a parure consisted of shoe buckles, belt buckles and tiaras. 
Precious Metal: The rare and valuable metals used to make jewelry are silver, gold, platinum, palladium and titanium. 
Rose Gold: Gold with a pink tinge color. Also known as Pink Gold.
White Gold: A gold alloy made with palladium or nickel. It's even brighter and white than silver because of the nickel content.

How Can I Connect With Worthy Jewelry Buyers Today?

The first step in connecting with Worthy’s jewelry buyers is to submit your item and we’ll have it appraised in no time. The beauty of using our services is that you don't have to communicate with the buyers at all. We take care of all the legwork for you. Because we are not the party buying your items, our service is entirely objective with our main goal being to get you the highest sum for your valuables. And we will.

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