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In order to estimate the value of your jewelry we'll need to have your jewelry graded by a 3rd party grading lab following an in-house evaluation by our expert gemologists. This process will take place once your jewelry arrives in our offices and you will receive a recommended reserve price shortly after.

The reserve price is the lowest amount you would be willing to sell your jewelry for. After we evaluate your piece and have it graded we will supply you with a recommended reserve price which should help your decision. If during the course of your auction a bid meets or exceeds the reserve price, that bid is binding. If the reserve price is not met, you can either accept the highest bid or have your jewelry returned to you, fully insured and free of charge.

After our experts evaluate your jewelry, we'll give you a recommended reserve price and your dedicated auction manager will be there should you require additional advice. That should help you make an informed decision. Ultimately, your reserve should be a price which you are comfortable selling at.

When you purchase a piece of diamond jewelry from a retailer/jeweler, the price of the jewelry includes costs such as mining and cutting the diamond, the setting and craftsmanship of creating the piece, as well as retail business expenses. When you, as the owner, decide to sell that piece of jewelry, it’s important to keep in mind that depreciation has occurred.

Additionally, the buyer of your piece has costs to consider, such as whether the price of the diamond will cover their business expenses and how much additional labor will need to go into the piece before they can resell it (think resetting the diamonds or even recutting them). The setting of the jewelry will normally be reduced to its metal weight value. 

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